Are we offering enough of ourselves?

Mentorship is underrated. The world can be a lonely place. People are super busy.

Your knowledge is vital. You may think you need to learn more stuff…but there are lots of people, young people, who are thirsty for your experience.

Some of it, is life experience. Some of it, is work experience. But mostly it’s just experience. Experience that takes time, perseverance and failure.

Take some time out of your busy schedule and find a way to connect with people who need your knowledge. These ‘people’ is anyone who seems like they may need help. It may be obvious or it may not.

If you prioritise caring, those people in need will find you.

Could passion contribute to ego and blindside success?

Stoicism is becoming a source of counsel and guidance for me as I combat a world of materialism, technology and social media that at times leaves me feeling anxious, a little bit frustrated and a sense I should be travelling at lightening speeds, following every fad. We are taught from a young age that ‘passion’ is something positive, something you follow into a folly or potentially further. A naturally occurring biological feeling we get which provides a compass on what we should do when we grow up and the energy we pour into ‘projects’.

You probably don’t have to think too long and hard about the friend, colleague or family member that followed their passion. They had this awesome idea that everyone needs a ‘Jet Ski’ based solely on their love of water sports. If only everyone tasted the feeling you get cruising a lake at 70kph it would replace the need for cars. That venture lasted all of about two years before they were back to the corporate job. Just think for a moment, what if they took this passion, sat back, thought about the future technology trends which may affect the category and worked on a product that made the Jet Ski smaller, lighter, used renewable energy and connected like minded water sports lovers, in a way they could share the price and enjoy the experience of escapism together.

The passion in this instance has been left on the table. Ego has been put to one side. Stoic mentality allows you to step back without emotion, think deeply for utility, trend, need, relevance, innovation and price. These elements have now incorporated your idea to create a blue ocean of opportunity to the non-Jet Ski market and thus create a business with scale…I think you just might get me on the back of one!

Elon Musk isn’t passionate about electric cars, he cares deeply about safety and creating a sustainable world. Steve Jobs wasn’t passionate about computers, he was determined to empower everyone with the opportunity to change the world one MAC at a time. Every great idea has an initial viable product with a longer term game changer in mind…Gary Vee calls this the north star. Passion doesn’t do your north star any favours…sure it creates momentum but that lasts all of a week until you realise you actually have to work beyond your great idea to achieve the desired goal.

Being part of a start-up executive search firm over the last 14 months has been 99% grunt work, 1% innovation. Perhaps we may have got that ratio wrong but its meant we are operating in BAU far quicker than most would have thought. Hiring 5 people and having regular clients has been the bi-product of taking the passion out, moving into the practical and pushing the notion of ‘entrepreneurship’ & ‘start-up’ w*nk factor to that back of our minds. We live in a country where we feel entitled and my aim over the next 10 years is to ensure I’m working hard on my self-awareness to address that personally and to unlock how we can enable our kids to see the reality of the world from an early age and not sugar coat it with a safety net that keeps expanding.

Leadership Requires Consciousness

Just keep your head down and don’t say anything.

Only speak when you know that answer, otherwise you will stupid.

Just pick up your pay cheque each month, it’s not going to make a difference if you speak up, besides you could get sacked.

I was going to say something in the meeting…but we moved on.

I just agreed with her and told her what she wanted to hear, she loves hearing positive results.

360 feedback is a joke…you never say what you really think.

I had my exit interview…I didn’t tell them everything…they say it’s anonymous but I know my line manager will read it and probably call me.

I don’t agree with the direction but if it gets too much I will just quit.

Shareholders? I don’t care about the shareholders…I get out of bed for me, my family and my team.

I love how the Principal talks about WE but has never stepped inside the classroom.


Sound familiar?


Leadership and business requires consciousness. Humans can thrive alongside technology but only if we live harmoniously and say what we think. We have to identify gaps, issues, weaknesses, patterns and then speak up, be heard and act accordingly. Remarkable people are CONSCIOUS people and they create VALUABLE companies.

For further in depth analysis on the importance of and practical advice on consciousness read: Conscious Business by Fred Kaufman.